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Installation / Replacement


Retrofit windows (also referred to as replacement windows) have been developed so we do not have to remove the exterior materials of the home in order to install the new window; they are measured to fit in an existing perimeter window frame and will only replace the glass area or sash panels depending on the type of existing window you have.

2 commonly used types of retro fit windows are flush fin or block frames.

New Construction

New Construction windows (also referred to as nail-on windows) require that we remove the exterior materials (trim, siding, brick, stone or stucco) around the existing windows in order to expose the studs of the home to install the new window. These also will be used when a brand new home or a new addition to a home is being built. Since the studs of the home are exposed the window can be installed directly on to the frame by use of the nail on fin. Also new construction windows are a good option if you think the studs and frame of the window should be replaced because of damage, or if you are planning on replacing the exterior of your home such as new siding or stucco.

Block Frame

Block frame windows are used in replacing old wood sash windows. By using the old wood frame the new block frame windows are measured to fit into them. After removing the interior or exterior wood stops and sashes the new windows are sealed in and new stops are installed.


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